Lend us your ears! 


The Uneasy Listening Society aims to create contemporary performing arts experiences that focus on the beauty of listening.

Working with listening means creating new performances that tell stories you haven’t heard before, it means making artworks that expands your experience of sound, and exploring different ways we can listen to each other.

This is how we approach the challenge:

  • Making performances that put listening on the agenda
  • Working across international borders 
  • Providing accessible sound art works 
  • Hosting a festival exploring the value of failing

Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life the ability to switch off and truly listen to a shared story is constantly being eroded. Yet human understanding of space is created through hearing, sounds connect us with our oldest memories, and language is all about noises! For these reasons we wish to explore the realms of listening with you as we seek to enhance this quality in everything we do.

Thomas and Nina met in 2006, and have been creating innovative performances ever since. They share a passion for providing spaces for new voices and ideas and in doing so have co-curated transnational festivals and artistic platforms.

Art isn’t meant to be 'easy'. Their work doesn’t seek to dictate right or wrong but to applies sound and art to effect the audience - helping you to feel heard, helping you to listen - helping you be in the present.

Being uneasy is being alive.

The goal for the Uneasy Listening Society is therefore simple: To expands the experience of listening on both human and artistic levels. 

Nina -Thomas - Iben