Mouttalos Unsound

sound piece 

The Uneasy duo walk the streets of the old Turkish area in Pafos; Mouttalos, and ponder on the history and present of the area. It becomes a walk about quiet and silence and melancholy - and a magical archive of sounds.

A work in progress created during Pafos 2017, presented on April 11th at the Kimonos Art Center, Pafos.  


site specific performance

Three Nordic artists reunite after 10 years to bring the Eurotrash together. Open borders are closing, liberal lifestyles are out of fashion and the 40-somethings are getting married. A site-specific performance in Riga, Helsinki and Copenhagen. The project kicks-off in the summer of 2017 with a workshop in Odsherred Theatre School.

Performance scheduled in Riga, Copenhagen and Helsinki in 2018-20. Supported by Kultur Kontakt Nord. Made in collaboration with Janne Saarakkala (FIN), Ivo Briedis (LV) and the ARA dance company (LV).



sound work

A sound based interaction with cityscapes, remote nature spots and public events. The artists take you on a musing journey of a carefully selected place giving you an intimate sense of your surroundings and transforming it into a magical experience. Listen online or download.

Performing July 29-30 at Geopark Festival 2016

*     *     *

I Am Not Here


sound performance

This performance takes place in the dark. We invite the audience to take a journey into longings, fears, loneliness and misunderstandings in this partly recorded and partly live audio experience. Witness struggles for freedom, understanding and existence through conversations that revolve around the statement: “I’m not here.” An expression that transforms and takes on different meanings as the performance unfolds.

Presentation: Vallekilde Højskole 20th April 2016 at 8pm

Created through a dialogue between sound and text by Thomas Burø and Nina Larissa Bassett.

Difficult Conversations is an umbrella project started by the Uneasy Listening Society that addresses complicated communication through artworks, texts, discussions and papers. 

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Ears of the Earth

sound performance

Through locally created sound recordings and interviews Ears of the Earth seeks to engage in a discussion about the most urgent questions posed by the environment. This is a uniquely staged site-specific performance concert made from of stories and sounds that are disappearing around us.  This audio performance is about debunking myths and preconceptions about a rural area by bringing it’s beauty, vulnerabilities and natural magic to the foreground.  

Created through interviews and recordings by Thomas Burø and Nina Larissa Bassett

*     *     *