The Uneasy Listening Society aims to provide audiences with contemporaryperforming arts experiences that focus on the beauty of listening.

Our lives are filled with virtual and physical distractions. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life the ability to stop, settle down and truly listen to a shared story is constantly challenged.

Yet human sense of space is created primarily through audial perception, sounds connect us with primal memories, and language is all about noises. For these reasons we wish to explore the realms of listening, and enhance this quality in everything we do.

Working with sound means working with music, field recordings, scores, found sound, spoken words, deep and active listening, real time dialogues and acoustic territories. Working with listening means providing new performance work that tells stories you haven’t heard before, it means presenting work that expands your experience of sound, and explores different ways of listening to others. 

Being uneasy is the goal. Our work doesn’t seek to dictate audiences what is right or wrong but to use art as aesthetics that affect people; making them feel heard, making them listen, making them present. Being uneasy is being alive.

The goal for the Uneasy Listening Society is therefore simple: To present performative work that expands audiences’ experience of listening on human, artistic and technological levels. 

Lend us your ears!